Samsung swansong

Hello. Those of you who actually read this stuff… and I truly appreciate those of you who do… may have noticed that I’ve been particularly quiet as yet.

My dear old notebook – the electronic one, not the paper one I scribble my brainstorms down onto – gave up the figurative ghost on me. Poor old thing, eh?

Well it started off by refusing to acknowledge the existence of browsers. The power was on, I had an internet connection, the security all fine. But when you tried to get out there onto the worldwide web, it just dozily did nothing.

I can only describe the feeling of being online without being able to get online to finding someones blocked an emergency exit.  You have to escape but can’t escape.

And so the weekend was abandoned in favour of pressing those buttons you hope you never have to press, those ones that take your system back to an earlier stage. For sure, you get your device back onside, but there’s all that reloading of music or photos : Me and memory sticks have never really seen eye-to-flashing red-eye.

For a few brief moments everything in my internet world seemed a little rosier. The chance to rebuild from scratch. All my notebook asked of me was that I shut down to allow it to update.

And that was all I wrote. All the re-programming in the world won’t help you if your on button has become like a wobbly tooth and will now not do its only assigned job.

We had three good years together. Lightweight and trim enough to slip in the back pocket of my rucksack, he had been a companion on two trips to Canada and several European jollies allowing me to listen to BBC Radio wherever and to convey my nonsense to the social media. Gone but not forgotten, despite the best efforts of those memory sticks…

See you out there, Sam.


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  1. says :

    Did the computer have a name?

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