Me vs. Big D

So, I realise I haven’t told you how I’m getting on.

Well, I went to my GP and I found the discussion a lot easier than I’d been anticipating.  Without giving too much away, being our family doctor she knew of the stresses I’d been having at home – I filled her in with what’s one down at work.

And so I found myself prescribed initially with a 10mg dose of Citalopram, every night on retiring.  That way most of the “repair work” can take place when I’m asleep.

You should see the list of potential side effects inside the box of tablets… Fortunately, apart from an unsettled stomach at first and a need to keep myself hydrated I seem to have got off lightly. Because of this I’m also having to brush my teeth more than twice a day to make up for the lack of saliva taking care of things.

And so, a month on I returned to my GP and we decided it would be best to increase the dose to 20mg and look how things are going in a couple of months time.

How am  I feeling? Well I still have episodes when things get too much for me. But I don’t have the really dark times like I had. You have to help the pills by looking for the positives. My best friends know what’s going and they are so supportive.  My close family help.  Keep talking. Although, I still haven’t gotten to setting up those counseling sessions…

So, I’ll keep you in the know – but if you think you might be undergoing the same trauma, please don’t keep it to yourself. Promise?






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