In a change to the published programme…

So this hiatus before Xmas viewing hits our screens gives the TV companies a chance to “reschedule” under-performing programmes and bring out of the sheds shows which might not have got to our screens anytime soon.

Here’s a few new additions you can enjoy in the next couple of weeks – check local listings for details.



LET’S SHOOT HOOPS FOR SOME CHARITY (BBC One Wednesdays) – Richard Osman & Miranda Hart have just three months to put a team of ultra-tall celebrities together to meet the world famous Harlem Globetrotters in a special 10 minutes challenge match at Wembley Arena. In the first episode, Greg Davies is on-board but why isn’t Stephen Fry returning their calls?

ONE HIT WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM (BBC Four Friday) – Professor Brian Cox & Jo Whiley present a special mash up mix chart of the nations favourite planets and acts which had one top ten hit only. Where will the Profs own band D-ream match up against Uranus?

THE GREAT BRITISH CAR WASH (BBC Two Tuesdays) – Part-time valeters and vacuumers face elimination as week-by-week they are presented with cars of increasing value and uncleaniness whilst coming under Richard Hammond’s all seeing eye.

SIGNS AND LINES (BBC One Daytime) – We follow the roadworkers of Britain’s motorways as they face their daily grind, putting out signs, painting out lines. Narrated by Timothy Spall.

BRITAIN’S BEST UNDERTAKER (C5 Friday) – The nation’s top funeral directors battle it out at such skills as polishing, embalming and stonecutting with the chance to offer their services to a celebrity client during finals week (celebrity to be confirmed. Presented by Aled Jones.

SUPERMAYORS (BBC Parliament Saturday) – Live from Cwmbran, the “SuperStars” format is back, this time with local governors both metropolitan and municipal seeing who is the best sports all-rounder. Hosted by Clare Balding & Ken Livingstone, commentator Brendan Foster.

GET LUCKY (Sky One Wednesday) – A new quiz hosted by Andrew Castle. With questions varying from “explain the fuel distribution system of the second stage of the Soyuz rocket” to “What is your postcode?”, anyone could win that £100,000 top prize if they just “Get Lucky”.

FROM BARISTA TO BARRISTER (C4 Thursday) – Alex Polizzi seeks out counter staff from High Street coffee bars, Jeremy Paxman takes them to law school. Who’s up for the move from latte to larceny?

BLAKES 7.2 (ScyFy) – Long delayed follow up to the grim seventies space opera showing how the crew of The Liberator survived Blake’s massacre and moved on. This new version will be scripted by online contributions by loyal fans plus homemade special effects fresh from YouTube.

AMERICAN TEENS ARE KRAY-ZEE! (Dave nightly) – Compilation of aged video clips you may have seen elsewhere (note pixelation where onscreen date would be) showing American teens jumping off roofs, falling off skateboards, breaking trampolines ad nasuem…

AMERICAN PETS ARE KRAY-ZEE! (Watch nightly) – as above, replace “teens” with “cats, dogs, parrots, etc”, running into glass doors, off tables and so forth.


SO, YOU THINK YOU CAN SCHEDULE TV PROGRAMMES? (CBeebies beddybyes time) – a guide for the under 5 which does pretty much what is says on the bottle.


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