Mr Terence Stamp – An apology.

Through the medium of my blog, I would quite like to apologize to the internationally acclaimed actor Terence Stamp for an incident that took place in London yesterday. Or not as the case may be.

I’m pretty sure I saw Mr Stamp on a C1 bus from White City to Victoria about 3.30 yesterday afternoon. If it was you, you were say it the bucket seat over the front wheels checking your phone. I was the portly gentleman in the seat in front of the rear doors. No, I can sit in that seat – it’s the ones in front which are restricted to the elderly and infirm, quit bugging me.

Anyway, it was for reasons of distance that I decided not to engage in conversation with you. That and the fact I realized that I’ve pretty much not seen any of your work. Well, Superman II obviously. And you were in that thing with the bus – not Summer Holiday, the dessert thing. And I think you did that film that was a bit like a Michael Caine film but didn’t have Michael Caine in it. So you can see that it would have been awkward for me to say to you “Mr Stamp, I really enjoyed you in… um…”.

It’s a pity, therefore, that the bus wasn’t terminating at Waterloo. Oh, how we could have laughed at the reference to you in The Kinks “Waterloo Sunset”. If only Ray Davies had had written a hit song about Victoria. Like he did. It was called “Victoria”. But it was about the Victorian queen Queen Victoria and not you. Or indeed Julie Christie.

So there you have it. I apologize to you Mr Stamp for ignoring you if it was you, and for ignoring someone else if it wasn’t.

Sorry to you both.


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