Thoughts on New Brighton

Whatever made you think you were a seaside town?

A view, not out on the horizon, but to the awkward angles of the metropolis?

Your tower, now just a grassy mound.

Your pier, not starting, not ending.

Your lighthouse, snuffed out for over forty years.

OK, perhaps I didn’t see you at what’s now your best – early that Monday morning. I suspect I looked worse.

But there is new growth. More retail than resort but a strong heartbeat. The pierrots of the end of the pier have made way for Hollywood’s 3D bunkum, but the show’s the thing – I guess.

And as long as the sea spares that little patch of sand, room for one castle or for a dog to chase a gull. Room for a person wiser that I to raise a smile and a glass of something for the good old days.

Whoever said you weren’t a seaside town…?


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About simonwebsterwise

Pretend Canadian. Doter on women. Professional sports spectator. Askew view on the world.

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