Could I be in showbusiness?

I’ve just seen two men murder the late Elvis Presley in the name of light entertainment.

They were kind of providing the cabaret at a local ale festival.

Their act seems to consist of having karaoke discs on shuffle and then being horribly surprised by what emerged. Still they know 74% of the lyrics and appear to have no shame in putting this on in front of paying customers. Albeit customers who have only paid for beer, not entertainment.

Whilst they perform

“You’re my world” in the style of Joy Division, I have to ask myself the question:

Could I be in Show Business?

Um, no…

But if I could what would my act be?

Well everyone’s doing plate spinning : It’s the #1 craze, eh?

But have you every seen anyone attempt this with plates fully loaded with pasta?

And sauce?

I thought as much…

Bradford Alhambra here I come!


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Pretend Canadian. Doter on women. Professional sports spectator. Askew view on the world.

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