Spring recoiled

This is a message for the hard-working, good-natured men & women of the United Kingdom’s MetOffice.

  1. Today is March the 3rd.
  2. We are in Great Britain.
  3. Therefore, it is not Spring.

We were always taught that springtime started in the northern hemisphere once the equinox had passed. This was a magical time. Plants blossom, lambs gambol, those nights begin to draw out. Saturday’s fixture is more likely to take place on the cricket square rather than the ice rink.

Yet as I speak, a chill breeze is whistling off the Thames past my front door and only a few buds sit on some of the hardier plants in the front garden.

And yet the MetOffice insists that this is Spring.

When this madness started I do not recall. It wasn’t so long ago that they were happy to wait those extra three weeks like the rest of us. And yet as meteorology became more computerized then for some reason they had to adjust their records so that seasons got lumped together in handy (for them) blocks of three calendar months.

I’m sure using the sort function on Excel would sort that out for you folks.

I think my main concern is this.

If you start spring on March 1st, then you end summer on August 31st. And that just won’t do, especially as much of the good weather in Britain comes in September. That makes it appear unseasonable…

So, and I’m asking politely, please can we all show good manners and call off Spring until the 21st when we can all enjoy it.

Thank you.


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