Watch out! Here comes tomorrow!

So, I was listening to our local oldies station this evening. And within a short space of time they’d played ‘Cosmic Girl’ by Jamiroquoi and Pulp’s ‘Disco 2000’. Something struck me – Jay Kay was dreaming of meeting his futuristic girl one Saturday night way off in 1999, whereas Jarvis Cocker hoped to get everyone back together – as the song title suggested – in the year 2000.

You see, back in the day, you could put a date stamp on when the future was. 1999/2000/2001- that’s where the future lay.

That was then. But this is now.

And here lies my problem. Can we still put a date on where we think the future is now we’re beyond 2000?
Personally, I think the year 2020 sounds like a good date to make our mark, and yet it’s bearly five years away now! So where do you think the future lies?


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