Sitcom Grim

It’s been half a century since two rival American TV networks launched two strangely similar sitcoms loose on an unsuspecting world.

On September 18 1964, ABC debuted The Addams Family – based on Charles Addams drawings from The New Yorker of a sinister family living in a creepy house, unaware of the effect they had on those around them.

Just eight days later, on September 24 1964, CBS released The Munsters, a happy-go-lucky family who just happened to be monsters, again bewildered by how people reacted to them. Both great shows, although The Addams Family edge it for me – Oh Morticia!

In Britain we barely responded, despite our Hitchcock/Hammer culture. At a push… and for the kids… in the Seventies the BBC brought us Rentaghost. And the scariest thing on that? Christopher Biggins.

So, I offer up to you for your consideration my Top 13 British sitcoms which could be remade for The Horror Channel. But beware, for there is a sinister twist… Or is there?

13 And mother makes zero
12 Are you being severed?
11 Deadman’s
10 Dead’s Army
9 Death Duty Free
8 Die-de-Die
7 Doctor on the slab
6 Ever Deceasing Circles
5 Father Dead
4 Father Dead Father
3 Ghost of the summer wine
2 Going Strange
1 Gouge & Mildred

And now the twist…

there are more than thirteen in my list…

down & down we tumble toward oblivion!


0 Gutterflies
-1 It ain’t half rotten, Mum
-2 Just Good Fiends
-3 Keeping up disappearences
-4 Maniac about the house
-5 Murder On the Buses
-6 Not Getting Out
-7 Only fools & hearses
-8 Only when I howl
-9 Rising Damned
-10 Robin’s Nest of vipers
-11 Some Murderers do have them
-12 The Ghoulies
-13 The Good Knife
-14 The IT Shroud
-15 The Liver eating birds
-16 Til Death doesn’t do us part
-17 To the Manor Drawn
-18 Yes, Sinister

And finally, perhaps the darkest of them all, and needing no re-wrttes at all:

– Infinity  Any sitcom commissioned by ITV since 1992…

Abandon all hope ye who tune in here…


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