When in Rome…

A few observations and suggestions if you’re planning a trip to Italy’s capital, the eternal city of Rome.

I. When crossing the road make sure you’re in the middle of a crowd of people so someone else will take the initial impact. Roman drivers assume zebra crossings to be a suggestion rather than an order.
II. If you get the chance, watch/re-watch Roman Holiday before you go. Don’t try the Mouth of Truth gag for yourself as its bound to catch someone out someday.
III. If you can’t master the language at least work on exaggerating your gestures.
IV. Using the subway – outside of rush hours – is a great way of keeping cool on hot days. Lousy for sightseeing though.
V. Whilst sitting in the Coliseum, ask a guide “What time’s kick-off”.
VI. Always have a handful of small change handy for throwing in the Trevi fountain. Using your debit card may seem more convenient but you’ll regret it in the long run.
VII. Although it’s a cool look, especially the all white version, think & think again before deciding to become a nun just for the uniform.
VIII. I have used them here, but using Roman numerals when trying to divide a restaurant bill is time consuming & unnecessary


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